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TypesCardHint (Highlight to view)
Creature — AngelW - Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, to name a few.
Creature — GriffinW - An anagram: Grand Aria Jiff
EnchantmentW - n. an equal distribution of weight; even balance; equilibrium.
World EnchantmentW - Only one in my eye
Creature — BirdW - Duskrider Falcon's older brother
EnchantmentW - Think about the big, red, hairy monster from Looney Tunes
InstantW - Timeshifted!
InstantW - A charm
Creature — Human SoldierW - Popped back up in Magic 2011
Creature — CatW - A feline native to the continent Mirage and Visions take place on.
Creature — Human KnightW - Of an Incarnation from Judgment
Creature — Human Soldier ArcherW - Well it's not a crossbow. . .
InstantW - Divinely intervened healing
EnchantmentW - like part of a Castle
SorceryW - Not quite a truce yet. . .
Enchantment — AuraW - Protects artifacts, rather than what Artifact Ward does
InstantW - Cures any status ailment in Final Fantasy.
Creature — Human SoldierW - Like a rebel.
SorceryW - The inverse of Consume the Meek
EnchantmentW - Was reprinted in Mercadian Masques
Enchantment — AuraW - Solar emblem
Creature — Human KnightW - Guards the mage of Zhalfir's honor.
InstantW - n. the tenth part of agricultural produce or personal income set apart as an offering to god
InstantW - Glorious Anthem for one turn.
Creature — Human KnightW - Holy Warrior of Zhalfir
Enchantment — AuraU - Breaking an oath or trust
Creature — DjinnU - Literally a keeper of breezes. (This is a blatant hint!)
Creature — AtogU - Check out that creature type.
Creature — ElementalU - Floats idly in the sky
InstantU - AWOL
EnchantmentU - Anagram: Mister Dead
EnchantmentU - A hurricane can bring this to the coast
InstantU - Chekhov's Gun is a type
InstantU - I HAD TO DO IT.
InstantU - I'VE GOT I!
Creature — Human KnightU - Holy Warrior of the water droplets floating in the air
Creature — JellyfishU - a warship, alternatively a heavy metal band
Enchantment — AuraU - a magical way to hide
Creature — Human WizardU - Divinates by sheep
SorceryU - We all gettin' mad paid, yo.
Creature — EfreetU - An evil djinn named Roy G. Biv
Creature — EfreetU - An evil djinn covered in glitter.
Creature — DrakeU - WON'T. SHUT. UP.
World EnchantmentU - Great, you made almost everything have phasing.
InstantU - Can't kill anyone, Can't reanimate. Can't get more.
InstantU - Theme song to the 1982 film The Plague Dogs
SorceryU - Ctrl+Z
Enchantment — AuraU - The fixed version of Fading from Planar Chaos
InstantU - Tautological Charm
Creature — DjinnU - Involves a tornado over water
Creature — DjinnB - If this was Japanese it'd just be the word for Evil then the type
EnchantmentB - Bedspread of Dusk
Creature — InsectB - Collective noun of things found in Joe's Apartment
SorceryB - chooses a card in an opponent's hand then makes 'em discard it
Creature — RatB - Pestilence on tiny, furry legs.
Enchantment — AuraB - Anagram: Dark Grip Drake
TypesCardHint (Highlight to view)
Enchantment — AuraB - A 2002 film set during World War I
EnchantmentB - Prefix for two cards from Apocalypse that wreak havoc when their white kickers are paid.
Creature — Human KnightB - An Askari that can't get up
SorceryB - Illegal Routine
InstantB - Timeshifted charm!
SorceryB - When you cull the Wheat of the Damned
InstantB - Goes well with a Merciless legend's malice.
EnchantmentB - Divination by dead things
Creature — Zombie GiantB - Scholarly in the way of death
Creature — Human AssassinB - When he appears, something is usually getting destroyed.
World EnchantmentB - Obelisk Graves of Samurai Jack's Nemesis
Creature — SnakeB - Very generic card name; creature type helps!
Creature — Human AssassinB - Not Zhalfir or Femeref, but the other nation's
Creature — Cyclops WarriorB - La Brea
Creature — HorrorB - They could have called it a Brain Leecher, but this sounds cooler.
InstantB - Not quite a demonic teacher, but far better than a simple diabolic one
Enchantment — AuraB - Nowadays apparently just causes sparkly skin
Creature — BirdB - Collective noun of a bald scavenger
InstantB - A candle recieved as thanks
Creature — PhoenixR - Neighbor to beasts, hellkites and ragers
Creature — DwarfR - Short people taking the law into their own hands
World EnchantmentR - Could find a magical type of bottle in here
InstantR - Sacrifice some mountains to end games
Creature — GoblinR - Serve and you'll get shinies
Creature — GoblinR - Pig-mounted, gobbo approved
InstantR - Hestia's charm
EnchantmentR - Can cause droughts
Creature — CyclopsR - Wouldn't like him when he's angry
Creature — GoblinR - Keeps an eye on the next answer
Creature — DjinnR - Sounds like what a devil might do to us
EnchantmentR - Cumulonimbus
Creature — OgreR - He makes sure rules are followed
Creature — ApeR - If Donkey Kong gained haste. . .
SorceryR - Flog and Squee/ up the tree/ see the army/ flee, flee, flee
InstantR - A move from Pokémon that Onix and Geodude learn.
InstantR - n. a fumarole that gives off only sulfurous gases.
SorceryR - Anagram: Oblong Foods
Creature — DrakeR - Needed to evoke the Viashivan
Creature — Human KnightR - Despite it's name and type, doesn't have first strike, oddly.
Creature — MinotaurR - Has firstest strike (perhaps he stole it from the previous answer?)
Creature — MinotaurR - Sounds kind of like 'Towelroom Paper'
SorceryR - Graboids
Creature — Viashino WarriorR - Lizardman that's stealthily tracking dunes
Creature — ElephantG - Big, angry male elephant
EnchantmentG - Town of lonliness
SorceryG - Destroys everything Green can usually destroy.
EnchantmentG - Really tall grass, pachyderms could hide in it
SorceryG - Where an elf buries his nuts
InstantG - Shiny green charm!
InstantG - Anagram: Tin Fist Lancer
Creature — InsectG - Turns into a moderately sized caterpillar, oddly.
EnchantmentG - Only nonblue card with phasing
Creature — CatG - Weird looking variation of a speedy cat
Creature — DrakeG - Combines with another drake. Anagram of Sucky Drake
Creature — Plant FungusG - Man who turns into a Plant/Fungus by the light of the fullmoon. Incredibly clever pun.
TypesCardHint (Highlight to view)
Enchantment — AuraG - Oof, won't last long after one of these.
SorceryG - Survival of the Fittest
Creature — Cat WarriorG - Not pink, sadly
Creature — Elf DruidG - Straightforward, if you know the name of Jamuraa's elvish nation
Creature — ElfG - Made to combat Stasis
Creature — SnakeG - Resurfaced on Zendikar
EnchantmentG - Sounds like a type of tree, or a Pokémon Professor
Enchantment — AuraG - Peter Parker can do this
Creature — Antelope BeastG - What killed Mufasa
SorceryG - Anagram: Mumbles Room
Creature — ApeG - Affectionately referred to as the 'love monkey'
Creature — BoarG - Friendly with meerkats
InstantG - Cuts flyers to ribbons
Creature — InsectBR - Come two by two (hurrah)
EnchantmentUB - Where they bury a type of Nightstalker
EnchantmentBR - Rust, for example
Creature — Human DruidGW - Likes enchantments, hangs around one of Jamuraa's nations
Creature — DragonUR - Big, pissed off, sky searing Dragon
Creature — Angel SpiritWU - A spirit guide technically (I guess)
Creature — Human WizardUB - Sounds african I guess! 8 letters, three are U's
Creature — HippoUG - Not a Gargantuan Hippo
EnchantmentWB - Good vs. Evil?
Creature — Human SoldierGW - Rashida's finest
InstantRG - Reprinted in Invasion!
EnchantmentBG - Banned in Mirage block constructed
EnchantmentRW - Really hates Djinns and Efreets
Creature — DrakeWU - Comes after Weatherlight Drake
Creature — DragonRG - By way of Shivan Dragon
ArtifactArt - Comes with the Hammer of Bogardan
Artifact Creature — ChimeraArt - Combine Copper and Zinc to make the claws
ArtifactArt - Expensive children's toy, fun to look through
ArtifactArt - Loosely Draconic, extreme closeup
ArtifactArt - Good for Narcoleptics
Artifact Creature — ChimeraArt - Use element Fe for the core
ArtifactArt - Like Voodoo, but not.
Artifact Creature — ChimeraArt - Fill its gut with element Pb
ArtifactArt - BOOM!
Artifact Creature — GolemArt - Swampy Region of Jamuraa - Anagram: Moot Gale Imp
Artifact Creature — ConstructArt - Yawgmoth's vandal
Artifact Creature — ConstructArt - Costs 0
ArtifactArt - Just turn over the hourglass
ArtifactArt - Reprinted as Ur-Golem's Eye
ArtifactArt - COBRAS
ArtifactArt - A 'walker's Rubic's Cube
Artifact Creature — ChimeraArt - Use element Sn to give it flight
ArtifactArt - Symbol for the Visions expansion
ArtifactArt - Stick that says 'no'
LandLand - Encircles a lagoon.
LandLand - Not truely active, but not truely extinct
LandLand - Southern Florida
LandLand - Where eagle and cat meet, the earth splits
LandLand - Lowland rainforest
LandLand - Gave its name to the similar lands from Ravnica
LandLand - Don't struggle!
LandLand - Multicolored land, using multiple could be trouble. . .

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