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QuoteMissing wordWho said it?
I feel ____ and pubescent todayHarry
My grandmother forbids me from using ____ languageNeville
You already took my ____ Harry!Ron
Dumbledore, you're ____ old, right?Harry
.... where a drunken Filch will be waiting with a ____ and a croquet malletSnape
I am ____, the Potions MasterSnape
I can't hold down a ____!Harry
QuoteMissing wordWho said it?
Who'd fall in love with such an ____?Hermione
Oh, Snape, let them have their ____!Dumbledore
____'s buttcrack!Neville
I hope you find your ____, Snape.Ron
Potter and his ____ friend shoved me into a wall screaming bother! Bother! Bother!Snape
You'll go to wizard ____, and I'll kill you!Voldy

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