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Can you name the Super Nintendo games from their locations?

Featured Oct 8, 2010

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Gangplank Galleon, Krem Quay, Gloomy Gulch
Vanilla Dome, Forest of Illusion, Star World
Onett, Saturn Valley, Deep Darkness
Baron, Fabul, The Moon
Hall of Collosia, Ivor Tower, Omnitopia
Guardia Castle, Zeal, The End of Time
Mute City, Red Canyon, Fire Field
Grass Valley, St. Elles, World of Evil
Alunze Kingdom, Shrine of Vengeance, Doom Island
Corneria, Sector X, Venom
Bubbly Clouds, The Halberd, Halfmoon
Wrecked Ship, Norfair, Tourian
Winlan, Bleak, Obelisk
Dune Sea, Mos Eisley, The Death Star
Narshe, The Veldt, Floating Continent
Koopa Beach, Ghost Valley, Rainbow Road
Kakariko Village, Lost Woods, Turtle Rock
Dinosaur Tank, Desert Base, Robot Junkyard
Cotton-Top Cove, Razor Ridge, Kaos Kore
Fillmore, Kasandora, Northwall
Gaia's Navel, Ice Country, Gold City
Moleville, Land's End, Barrel Volcano

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