Nintendo 64 Games by Locations

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Can you name the Nintendo 64 games from their locations?

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Bob-omb Battlefield, Hazy Maze Cave, Lethal Lava Land
Clock Town, Snowhead, Stone Tower Temple
Corellia, Kessel, Sullust
Treasure Trove Cove, Bubblegloop Swamp, Click Clock Wood
Oedo Town, Ghost Toys Castle, Festival Village
Severnaya, St. Petersburg, Cuba
Sunny Beach, Drake Lake, Twilight City
The Woods of Light, The Tomb of the Ancients, The Prison Ship
Goldwood, Ichor, Rith Essa
Fossil Canyon, Everfrost Peak, Spaceport Alpha
Green Garden, White Glacier, Black Fortress
Aqua Star, Neo Star, Ripple Star
Port of Adia, River of Souls, Lair of the Blind Ones
Goomba Village, Mt. Lavalava, Star Haven
Fortuna, Katina, Venom
Sand Ocean, Devil's Forest, Port Town
G5 Building, Area 51, Skedar Ruins
Kokiri Forest, Zora's Domain, Gerudo Fortress
Gloomy Galleon, Fungi Forest, Crystal Caves
Moo Moo Farm, Frappe Snowland, Banshee Boardwalk
Argent Towers, Ironstone Mine, Oyster Harbor
Dream Land, Planet Zebes, Saffron City

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