Nerve Innervations

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Can you name the Nerve Innervations?

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MuscleInnervation (Dont worry about commas)
Latissimus Dorsi (Nerve)
Latissimus Dorsi (Roots)
Teres Major (Nerve)
Teres Major (Roots)
Pectoralis Major (Nerve)
Pectoralis Major (Roots)
Coracobrachialis (Nerve)
Coracobrachialis (Roots)
A, M, & P Deltoids (Nerve)
A, M, & P Deltoids (Roots)
Supraspinatus (Nerve)
Supraspinatus (Roots)
Infraspinatus (Nerve)
Infraspinatus (Roots)
Teres Minor (Nerves)
Teres Minor (Roots)
MuscleInnervation (Dont worry about commas)
Subscapularis (Nerve)
Subscapularis (Roots)
Biceps Brachii (Nerve)
Biceps Brachii (Roots)
Triceps (Nerve)
Triceps (Roots)
U, M, L Trapezius (Nerve)
U, M, L Trapezius (Roots)
Serratus Anterior (Nerve)
Serratus Anterior (Roots)
Pectoralis Minor (Nerve)
Pectoralis Minor (Roots)
Rhomboids (Nerve)
Rhomboids (Root)
Levator Scapulae (Nerve)
Levator Scapulae (Roots)

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