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Verbose titleSong
Refrain From Shedding Tears On My Behalf, Country Which Fought The Falklands War
Having Returned To A Country Which Existed Between 1922 and 1991
Infant Another Occasion
Organisation Of Juvenile Male Followers Of Jesus Of Nazareth
Are They Aware That It Is The Season In Which The Nativity Is Celebrated?
Place Numerous Coronets Upon His Head
(American Species Of Thrush Will Appear Above) A Geological Feature Of The South Coast Of England
Disputed Middle Eastern City
Is The Chant Of The Human Beings Audible To You?
Site Of A Battle In 1815
Verbose titleSong
The Thing From A City On The Cote D'Azur
Desist From Impeding My Current Progress
Improvised Song From A Region Of The Czech Republic
I Hold The Opinion That I Am Capable Of Becoming Airborne
Terminate My Slumber Prior To Your Departure-Departure
The Building In Which We Dwell
Refrain From Reflecting With Rage On The Past
Behold, Such An Aesthetically Pleasing Forenoon
On No Occasion Have I Encountered A Pleasant Citizen Of A Country With Coastlines On Both The Atlantic And Indian Oceans
Paeon To Elation

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