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New Direction, Big Mouth, Cats And Dogs
Pretty Vacant, Submission, EMI
Anti Manifesto, Dear Coach's Corner, Natural Disasters
God Not God, The Badge, Punish Me
Manimal, Forming, Lexicon Devil
Mokey Suit, Butcher Baby, Corruption
Police Car, We Are The Firm, Flares 'n Slippers
Liza And Louise, Linoleum, Dinosaurs Will Die
Reaganomics, Violent Pacification, Suit And Tie Guy
1998, Adina, Don Giovanni
No Hospitals, The Action Pact, Deathships
Arrested, Walking Dead, Killing For Fun
I'm Not A Punk, Silly Girl, Caught
Boredom, Orgasm Addict, Sitting 'Round At Home
Wart Hog, Rockaway Beach, The Crusher
Six Pack, Can't Decide, Wasted
Nothing But A Nightmare, Poppycock, Media Person
I Felt Like A Gringo, Joe McCarthy's Ghost, Corona
An American Banned, Let Them Eat Thomas Paine, Noble Stabbings
Brian's Song, Lucky, Subdivision
Alcohol, Casio Jungle, Rabies
White Homes, Libel, Old School Pig
Slogans, Leather Jacket, Hey Suburbia
Emaciation, Seriously, What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Man And Machine, Code Blue, Silent Majority
Punk Rock Records, Kicked In The Teeth, China Knieval
Neat Neat Neat, Anti-Pope, Born To Kill
Boston's Finest, Civil Defense, Trendy Nazi Hypocrites
Mandatory Protest Song, Society Scandal, Youth Crue Uber Alles
Janie Jones, Ivan Meets GI Joe, English Civil War

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