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Can you name the words that contain the letters U and W?

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Moved back and forth (like a pendulum)
'______ Saturday Night.' (Poitier film)
Ill, sick
Depending on pronunciation, an injury or turned
Pretty beads used as currency
'Onward and ______'
The act of digging, not a donkey
Models and planes use this, but not model planes
What you do when you get home
You do this to your brow
Name of a chain sandwich shop
Subjunctive of the verb 'will'
The kids have to be home by a certain time
Common NYC apartment; no elevator
Chicken sound
Not illegal
Twisted cloth to get moisture out
Not vigilant or alert to danger
Dinosaur brains were the size of this
Bad, detestable
You want to be this if someone passes gas
'I am the ______.' (Beatles' song)

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