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Can you name the words that contain the letters U and W?

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'Onward and ______'
Ill, sick
Twisted cloth to get moisture out
Depending on pronunciation, an injury or turned
Bad, detestable
The kids have to be home by a certain time
Not illegal
Chicken sound
Not vigilant or alert to danger
You do this to your brow
Common NYC apartment; no elevator
Pretty beads used as currency
'I am the ______.' (Beatles' song)
Dinosaur brains were the size of this
Models and planes use this, but not model planes
Moved back and forth (like a pendulum)
Subjunctive of the verb 'will'
What you do when you get home
The act of digging, not a donkey
'______ Saturday Night.' (Poitier film)
You want to be this if someone passes gas
Name of a chain sandwich shop

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