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Can you name the words that end with 'om'?

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Maxim; universally recognized truth
Habitual or traditional practice
___ Perignon
Space to move freely... 'Give me some _________'
Six feet, or to understand
He marries the bride or takes care of the horse, whichever...
Horse drawn 'taxi' -- ______ cab
Saying; dialect
Flotsam and ______
Animal, vegetable and mineral make up three of these
Supple; she was a ______ beauty
Dad's wife
'___ de plume'
Bureaucracy; people in government
'_______ of the Opera'
If a king has a kingdom, a queen has a ...
Payment for kidnap victim
Lintel; crosspiece above a door
Unload, confide
Snake poison
Common sense; good judgment
___ Kippur
Go fast, or make things look bigger. ____ lens

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