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True or false: the Praying Mantis is an insect.
Where are a cricket's ears located?
True or False: Only female mosquitoes feed on blood.
A cockroach's 'ootheca' refers to what?
'Diptera' is the order of insect with how many wings?
What is the scientific study of insects called?
'Vespula vulgaris' refers to what kind of insect?
What type of insect will either play dead or emit a foul liquid to avoid being eaten?
How many legs to adult insects have?
Grasshoppers use their spiracles to do what?
'Bee killer' refers to what kind of insect?
'Phototaxis' refers to nocturnal insects' attraction to what?
Parthenogenesis: This is asexual reproduction, where eggs grow and develop without what?
What kind of insect is a sausage fly?
Which is NOT in the homoptera (sub)order: lightning bug, cicada, aphid?
For how many years does a wasp colony use its nest?
How many days does an adult mayfly live?
What sort of material do carpenter ants nest in?
True or false: a tick is an insect.
'Lepidoptera' refers to what sort of insect?
Insects use Malpighian tubules for what purpose?
Sphecius speciosus (sand hornets) kills what other kind of insect?
'Bombus terrestris' and 'Apis laboriosa' refer to what kind of insect?
The order Dermaptera refers to what kind of insect?
What is a baby grasshopper called?

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