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Sole survivor of the elite squads. Distrusts a titan-shifter on her side.Female
Selfish and bossy, yet is kind to the one she wants to protect. A titan-shifter.Female
Seeks to kill every titan in existence. A titan-shifter. Age 15.Male
Member of a religion worshipping the walls. Opposes modification of the walls.Male
Little belief in himself. Above average intelligence. Male
An elderly high ranking military officer. Calm and light-hearted, likes wine.Male
Believed to be a good leader. Once wanted to join the Military Police.Male
Leader of a unit in the Scouting Legion. Has a horse that likes eating hair. Killed by the female-form titan.Male
A quiet person with low self-esteem. A titan-shifter. The tallest of the 104th.Male
Serious and calculating. Very grim; accepts both good and bad news. Commander of the Scouting Legion.Male
Killed by a Titan in the beginning. Arm recovered and given to his mother.Male
Shy. Does good deeds in hope of gaining honor for them. The shortest of the 104th.Female
Kind and caring. A skilled and experienced warrior. Killed by the female-form titan.Female
Trained with her father since she was young. A titan-shifter.Female
Acknowledged leader with a tactical mind. Sniffs people.Male
Her squad was killed by Titans and gear broken, so she ran into the forest, recording in a notebook. Encountered a speaking Titan, which ate her.Female
Instructor of the 104th Trainees Squad. Strict and frightening.Male
Respected by the group and considered a natural leader. Good at keeping trainees calm. Died, but it is unknown how.Male
Part of the squad protecting Eren. Has a dirty mouth, imitates his squad leader, and is very sure of himself. Defeated by the female-form titan.Male
Clean freak. Cold behavior, yet does not undervalue humanity. Short.Male
A mother. Forbade her son to join the Scouting Legion, and was later eaten.Female
A doctor and father. Saved hundreds of lives from a plague.Male
Part of the Military Police. Usually grinning, and acts somewhat immature.Female
Emotional and outgoing. Yet not too intelligent.Male
Excited by Titans. Conducts research on them.Unconfirmed
Simple-minded. Always has the urge to eat a lot.Female
Part of the squad protecting Eren. Focuses on the task at hand. Had his neck snapped by a mysterious soldier.Male
Exchanged gear with the protagonist, which proved the protagonist's talent. Caught and eaten by a deviant.Male
Has a strong sense of duty. A titan-shifter.Male
Part of the Special Operations Squad (protecting Eren). Bitten in half by the female-form titan.Male
Caring, yet a bit cowardly. Looks after two other characters, ever since he failed to save their mother.Male
Protective of her adoptive brother. The last of a race. Female

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