Word Ladder: Holey Moley

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Can you name the rungs in this 4-letter word ladder with a bunch of holes in it?

Updated Jun 18, 2014

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Hint4-Letter Word
◎ A hole ◎
Thin strip of wood
Chair, Stool, etc.
◎ A hole ◎
Shakespearean King
◎ A hole ◎
Bird's mouth
To defeat someone
Decomposed plant matter
Annoying bug
To relax
Monthly housing fee
◎ A hole ◎
Green, in French
Paxson or Gosdin, e.g.
Overlapping circle diagram
____ and Teller
Confined or repressed
Eight of this makes a gallon
Saint, in Dutch
To search through
Hint4-Letter Word
◎ A hole ◎
Huck Finn vehicle
Complain loudly
To desire
Disney or Whitman, e.g.
Former Berlin divider
◎ A hole ◎
Result of a whipping
A fur
Retired Brazilian footballer
Lightly colored
To cover a path with cement
◎ A hole ◎
A detective's assignment
Opposite of acid, chemically
A violent strike
◎ A hole ◎
Mild exclamatory word
Elegant and fashionable
To set yourself up for a picture
A rubber tube watering
◎ A gap ◎

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