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Can you name the words that end in the letters 'aa', 'ab', 'ac', etc.?

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HintWordEnding Letters
Timon's best friend-aa
A type of beetle worshiped by the ancient Egyptians-ab
One who is obsessed with starting fires-ac
A college student in the Freshman through Senior years-ad
The young, worm-like grubs that are common to many species of insect-ae
It won't do THAT for love-af
A steep, jagged cliff-ag
An outcast-ah
A Japanese tradition of growing miniature trees in decorated containers-ai
The term used to describe the time of Britain's rule in India-aj
A forced escape from a jail, or to alter the operating system of a device to gain useful features that wouldn't otherwise exist-ak
Relating to farming and cultivation-al
HintWordEnding Letters
A bird living in the tropical rain forest with a large, colorful beak-an
A small Caribbean island that forms part of the Dutch empire-ao
A quick and light sleep-ap
Middle Eastern country involved in the Gulf Wars-aq
An academic lecture or conference-ar
Mythological Greek titan who held the heavens on his shoulders-as
To swell up-at
A French word for a mansion-like house owned by the nobility-au
A member of the Indo-European speaking group with heritage in Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, etc.-av
A salad made from shredded cabbage and carrots-aw
A secretion of the ear; A.K.A. cerumen-ax
A Tony award winning musical, or a beauty product-ay
The typically dark yellow/blue birthstone of November-az

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