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In series 4, who had an affair with Clevelands wife?
Who does the voice of Cleveland Brown?
What type of animal lives in Chris' closet?
Finish the title of Brians Novel: 'Faster than the speed of ____'
'Quagmires Baby' is the episode in which Quagmire is left his child. What does he call her?
What was the name of Stewie and Brian's radio show?
Peter often fights with a giant chicken. What is the chickens name?
What does Quagmire name the stray cat that he adopts?
Who said the phrases 'It's gon rain!' and 'Who wants this dog?!'
What nationality is Peters real father?
What is Brians dead mothers name?
What is the name of Herberts dog?
What is Stewie's email address?
Who is the mayor of Quahog?
In season 3, one of the family guy shorts was the Griffins gaining super powers. What was Meg's power?
What state do the Griffins live in?
What is Stewie Griffins middle name?
Who killed Diane Simmons?
Tom Tucker has a son who's face is upside down. What is his name?
What does Consuala say she needs more of in court?

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