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Can you name the Justin Bieber facts, OSLA students?

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hintanswerfun fact
does he like brunettes or blondes better?
Best subject?
moms first name
how tall is he?
zodiac sign?
favorie color both
dads first name
celeb. crush?he asked her out but got rejected
what sports does he play? alphabetical order
favorite drink?
favorite vacation spot?
favorite pie?
youtube account?
how many siblings does he have
pet peeves
favorite food?
most embarrasing moment?lol it was his first date too
favorite fruit juice?
favorite ice-cream flavor?
hintanswerfun fact
what time of day was he born?
favorite toothpaste?he brushes his teeth in the shower
what country was he born in? not USA
what languages besides english can he speak?
favorite cereal?
shoe size?
favorite type of computer?
what instuments does he play?
dominate hand
favorite candy?they're my fave candy too
where did he first live in the usa?(city, state
true or false Justin Bieber is cluasterphobic
what is his favorite number
what is his date of birth? (mm/dd/yyyysame day as my mom
favorite soda?
what is his full name?(J.D.B)purple is my fave colour
favorite romantic movie?
true or false. he is willing to date a fan?

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