Organic Chemistry Chapter 14,17,18

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Question/DefinitionReagentExtra Info
Opening an EpoxideOH group 2 steps
Opening an EpoxideSH group, 1 step
Opening an EpoxideRO group 2 steps
BenzeneOH group
Alkene addition of RO group Markovnikov, no carbocation rearrangement
Opening an EpoxideH group
BenzeneCH3 group
BenzeneOCH3 group
Alkene to Epoxide
Crown Ether that Solvates Lithium
Opening an EpoxideRO group 1 step
Disulfide to Thiols
Sulfide to Sulfoxide
Crown Ether that Solvates Sodium
Williamson Ether Synthesis Starts with R-OH. Beware steric hinderance.
BenzeneKetone group
Opening an EpoxideSH group
Question/DefinitionReagentExtra Info
BenzeneNH2 group
Opening an EpoxideOH group 1 step
Opening an Epoxide X group, 1 step
BenzeneCarboxylic acid group
Allylic Alcohol to EpoxideEpoxide on bottom, after orienting correctly
Thiols to Disulfide
Opening an EpoxideR group
Sulfide to Sulfone
Allylic Alcohol to EpoxideEpoxide on top, after orienting correctly
Opening an EpoxideCN group
Breaking an Ether
Thiol to Sulfide
Alkyl Halide to ThiolInversion of configuration
Adding a R Group to a SulfidePlaces positive charge on Sulfur atom. Great alkylating agent
Crown Ether that Solvates Potassium
BenzeneAldehyde group

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