Houses of A Song of Ice and Fire

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Can you name the Houses of A Song of Ice and Fire?

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A red dragon on field of black
A golden kraken on a field of black
A striding huntsman
A white sunburst
A black dragon on a field of red
The head of a fox encircled by a wreath of flowers
A Black ship flying an onion sail
The Griffon
Three stalks of yellow wheat on a field of brown
The Manticore
A golden spear transfixed on a red sun upon a field of orange
A golden lion a field of crimson
A red trout on a field of blue
A bolt of purple lightning on a field of black
The Merman
A white falcon beneath a crescent moon on a field of blue
A flayed man on a field of pink
A black battleaxe on a field or silver
A bunch of grapes
Red crabs upon a field of white
An apple (red or green)
A dark green seaturtle on a field of pale green
Two towers joined by a bridge
Three black dogs upon a field of yellow
Nine black bats on a field of yellow
The lizard-lion
A grey direwolf on a field of white
A black stag on a field of gold
A golden rose on a field of green
A giant, breaking his chains
A black bear in a forest of green

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