Hall of Fame Running Backs (modern era)

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Can you name the Running Backs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

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Team(s)PlayersYears Played
Buffalo Bills; Miami Dolphins1988-2000
Buffalo Bills; San Francisco 49ers1969-1979
Los Angeles Raiders; Kansas City Chiefs1982-1997
Chicago Bears1975-1987
Houston Oilers; New Orleans Saints1978-1985
Cleveland Browns1957-1965
San Francisco 49ers; Detroit Lions; Pittsburgh Steelers; Houston Oilers1954-1966
San Francisco 49ers; Minnesota Vikings; New York Giants; Detroit Lions1952-1964
Chicago Bears1965-1971
Detroit Lions1950-1955
Washington Redskins; New York Jets1971-1979, 1981-1985
Pittsburgh Steelers; Seattle Seahawks1972-1984
Baltimore Colts1956-1967
Denver Broncos1967-1975
Team(s)PlayersYears Played
Cleveland Browns1964-1973
Green Bay Packers1957-1962, 1964-1966
Green Bay Packers; New Orleans Saints1958-1967
New York Giants1952-1960, 1962-1964
Detroit Lions1989-1998
Dallas Cowboys; Denver Broncos1977-1988
Chicago Cardinals; Los Angeles Rams; Detroit Lions; Philadelphia Eagles1952, 1954-1966
Miami Dolphins; New York Giants1968-1979
Cleveland Browns; Pittsburgh Steelers1946-1953, 1955
Los Angeles Rams; Indianapolis Colts; Los Angeles Raiders; Atlanta Falcons1983-1993
Dallas Cowboys; Arizona Cardinals1990-2004
San Francisco 49ers; Baltimore Colts1948-1963
Chicago Cardinals1947-1955

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