X-Men Aliases

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Can you name the X-Men from there aliases?

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AliasX-ManMutant Power
Dr Hank McCoyApelike, Super Strength and Agility
Remy LeBeauManipulate Kinetic Energy
Neena ThurmanProbablilty Manipulation
Piotr RasputinSuper Strength, Metallic Form
Victor CreedClaws, Teeth, Healing Factor, Resistance to Telepathy
Emma FrostTelepath, Diamond Skin
Cain MarkoSuper Strength, Unstoppable Momentum
Pietro MaximoffSuper Speed
Warren Worthington IIIWings
Domikos PetrakisGeologic Manipulation
AliasX-ManMutant Power
Bobby DrakeCryokenesis
Mortimer ToynbeePrehensile Tongue, Venomous Saliva
St John AllerdycePyrokenesis
Kurt WagnerTeleportation
James HowlettClaws, Healing Factor, Adamantium Skeleton
Anne MarieAbsorbs Energy and Powers
Elizabeth BraddockTelepath
Kitty PrydePhasing Ability
Wanda MaximoffReality Warping
Raven DarkholmeShapeshifter

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