History / US President or Not?

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Can you identify the US Presidents without selecting a decoy?

Updated Feb 4, 2015

How to Play Forced Order Wrong Answers
NameY or N?
Warren Harding
Millard Fillmore
Alexander Hamilton
Rutherford Hayes
Aaron Burr
Samuel Tilden
William Jennings Bryan
Franklin Pierce
John Tyler
John C. Frémont
Richard Nixon
Michael Dukakis
Wendell Willkie
Nelson Rockefeller
Adlai Stevenson
Al Gore
Dick Cheney
George Washington
Gerald Ford
William McKinley
John Calhoun
George W. Bush
James Buchanan
John C. Breckinridge
Robert Taft
Thomas Edison
Paul Revere
Bob Dole
Andrew Johnson
Lyndon Johnson
NameY or N?
Franklin Roosevelt
Jeb Bush
Theodore Roosevelt
Henry Clay
William Henry Harrison
Ronald Reagan
Elbridge Gerry
John McCain
Calvin Coolidge
Thomas Jefferson
Stephen Douglas
Mitt Romney
Edmund Randolph
John Jay
Barack Obama
Jefferson Davis
Ulysses S. Grant
Spiro Agnew
John Kerry
Andrew Jackson
Bill Clinton
Rufus King
Hillary Clinton
Lewis Cass
Benjamin Harrison
Benjamin Franklin
Harry Truman
George H. W. Bush
Daniel Webster
Abraham Lincoln
NameY or N?
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Ralph Nader
James Monroe
Salmon P. Chase
John Quincy Adams
Zachary Taylor
James Madison
Ross Perot
James K. Polk
Woodrow Wilson
Horatio Seymour
Jimmy Carter
Herbert Hoover
Barry Goldwater
John Adams
Joe Biden
John Hancock
James Garfield
John F. Kennedy
Chester Arthur
Grover Cleveland
DeWitt Clinton
Francis Scott Key
Martin Van Buren
Winfield Scott
Thomas E. Dewey
Walter Mondale
William Howard Taft

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