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Can you name the missing words from the names of these government figures?

Updated Jan 13, 2014

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Government FigureMissing WordFact
King ______Current monarch of Saudi Arabia
Shinzo ______Current Japanese Prime Minister
______ HitlerLeader of Nazi Germany
______ FujimoriPeruvian President imprisoned for human rights violations
Idi ______Ugandan President known for massive human rights violations
______ SadatEgyptian President who was assassinated in 1981
______ ObamaFirst African-American US President
______ BhuttoServed two terms as Pakistan's Prime Minister
Jean-______ AristidePresident of Haiti for three non-consecutive terms
Tony ______UK Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007
______ Collor de MelloPresident of Brazil who resigned in 1992
______ CastroCommunist leader of Cuba who stepped down in 2011
Charles de ______French President from 1959 to 1969
Stephen ______Current Prime Minister of Canada
Erich ______Communist leader of East Germany
______ ChavezPresident of Venezuela who died in office
Saddam ______Iraqi dictator executed in 2006
______ GandhiIndian Prime Minister assassinated in 1984
Ayatollah ______Leader of Iran from 1979 till his death in 1989
______ WalesaPresident of Poland from 1990 to 1995
Government FigureMissing WordFact
Vladimir ______Early Communist leader of Russia
Abraham ______US President during the Civil War
Nelson ______South African President and opponent of apartheid
______ ZedongFirst Communist leader of China
Golda ______Israel's first female Prime Minister
______ BeginPrime Minister of Israel from 1977 to 1983
______ Sese SekoPresident of Zaire from 1965 to 1997
Robert ______President of Zimbabwe since 1987
Benito ______Facist Prime Minister of Italy
Emperor ______Roman ruler said to have fiddled while Rome burned
______ CeaușescuCommunist Romanian leader overthrown and executed in 1989
______ KhrushchevSoviet Premier in 1950s and 60s
Maximilien ______French leader infamous for 'reign of terror'
______ AllendeChilean President from 1970 to 1973
______ BolivarLiberator and President of multiple South American countries
Margaret ______First female Prime Minister of the UK
______ RooseveltRoughrider who became President following an assassination
______ FoxPresident of Mexico from 2000 to 2006
______ the ConquerorNorman who successfully invaded England
Boris ______First President of the Russian Federation

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