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AP EURO STUFF (FUN)Vocab.Clue (not really)
Unpaid local officials in England who acted as a standing armyTea and biscuits with your noose anyone?
Flemish painter/ popular in ItalyHe's a stone cold fox
The First middle class/ sought political and economic independence from local noblesThey are in our textbook
A tax on landAgain often confused with that one thing
English council who governed at a national level in EnglandIt's English
Charles VII gave French Monarchy ctrl. over churchUgh, I can't write anything witty here
Jews that were forced to convert to ChristianityWell, obviously we aren't very accepting of other Europe, let's change our ways
One man rulers who held much power in Ren. ItalyThey like Cheeseburgers
Believed education was key to reform/Christ should be celebrated on what he said not what he didHe's a stone cold fox
Concern with the material rather than the eternalOnce more an idea
Written by Machiavelli mean to educate leadersBe ruthless and aimless
Florentine Sculptor, revived the classical form TNMNT
Overtaking of Grenada by Ferdinand/IsabellaYeah, they worked as a duo like Bonnie and Clyde
Wrote on the false donation of ConstantineI don't what to write about him
Created movable typeHe really like macaroni
AP EURO STUFF (FUN)Vocab.Clue (not really)
The space and personnel around a prince while he went about his day (signori/oligarchies)They're good with anything
Author of the Courtier/influenced upper classesTried to jump rope once
Merchant aristocracies in ItalyThey prefer fries
'New Learning' focused on the individual and free-willAnother idea
Lower Italian classes/ disenfranchised highly taxed. Wanted power in communal governments (violent revoltists)It's on our final
An English council that dealt with threats to the monarchy during the Tudor dynastyThe root of waterboarding (How dare you U.K.!)
Dominican Friar, renounces morals of the Ren. Heped take down the Medici'sHe never saw Sesame Street as a child
Author of Satire criticizing ppl. of the Ren.He was afraid of balloons
Coined the term RenaissanceWe have to learn about him
Attacks on Italy by France and Germany during the RenaisanceAll because of cash (materialistic deaths)
The glorification of uiniquness, genius, and development of one's own abilitiesIt's an idea
A tax on saltoften confused with the other thing
Local police in Spain'brotherhoods'You are never prepared for the Spanish Inquisition!
Wrote Oration on the Dignity of manHe's a stone cold fox
Wrote Utopia/ greed and money are badOne hot philosopher

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