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Common NameTaxonomic NameTaxonomic Level
egg-laying monotremesSubclass
platypus, echidna Order
marsupial and placental mammalsSubclass
viviparous and pouched mammalsInfraclass
kangaroo, koalaOrder
viviparous and placental mammalsInfraclass
shrews, hedgehogs, molesOrder
anteaters, armadillos, sloths Order
Common NameTaxonomic NameTaxonomic Level
rabbits, hares, pikaOrder
squirrels, rats, woodchucksOrder
odd-toed & hoofed: horses, rhinosOrder
even-toed & hoofed: deer, hipposOrder
cats, dogs, stoats, bearsOrder
whales, dolphinsOrder
seals, sea-lions, walruses Order
lemurs, monkeys, humansOrder

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