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Harry and the Henderson's star
Of Mice and Men author (book)
Sings 'Your Body Is A Wonderland'
Father of Angelina Jolie
Head of the Gambino crime family
Purveyor of farm and construction equipment
Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jaws score composer
Saturday Night Fever star
The Searchers; El Dorado; True Grit star
The Man in Black
Of Mice and Men star (movie)
Republican Presidential Candidate 2008
Presidential Assassin
Rosseane's husband on the TV show 'Rosseane'
French theologian, promoted the idea of 'predestination'
Depression era bank robber
Assassinated Beatle
Courtroom drama novelist
TLC show
Name of two US Presidents
Toiletries makers
Founding Father, President of Continental Congress, First Chief Justice
Great Outdoors, Uncle Buck star
Pirates of the Carribean star
Night Court star
Reagan's almost assassin
English philosopher/Character on Lost
American director known for his use of Monument Valley
English poet of the Romantic movement
Often enraged former Tennis champion
Pope from 1978 to 2005
Assassinated President
Early 20th Century industrialist and philanthropist
Animal House star
Three's Company star
Big signer of the Declaration of Independence
Democratic Presidential Candidate 2004

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