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Bridge over Troubled Water, Mrs. Robinson
Hollywood or Bust, Pardners, The Caddy
Cartoon cat and mouse
Tinseltown intersection
Firearm Co.
Original video game heroes
Tolstoy Classic
Book Store duo
Symbol of Chinese philosophy
Founders of Rome
First brothers
Food eaten in confinement
They were lost in the woods
A delightful kid's sandwich
Purveyors of 'The Greatest Show On Earth'
First Gardeners
English curb side fare
She's a little country, He'a a little rock 'n roll
The two Coreys
Just two puppets taking baths together
Star crossed lovers
Who's on first?
Holy Grail Seekers (they sat in a circle)
Baby shampoo, baby powder, etc.
They went up a hill
At The Movies...
Moose and Squirrel
Summer time, and the livin' is easy
American frontiersmen and explorers
Mail order company founded in the late 19th Century
Song writing two of four
Las Vegas Magical Team
Funny Smoking Duo
They're married, on the dinner table
Caribbean Pair of Islands
Shepherd v. Giant
Crime fighting duo
Wagner Opera
A dead man's hand
One is a genius, the other's insane
Robert Redford and Paul Newman cowboy bank robbers
Bogus Journey, Excellent Adventure
Fruits used in comparison
Jazzy couple from Utah
Feuding families
Wakey Wakey...breakfast pair
Ms. Parker & Mr. Barrow
Land of _______ and ________ (proverbial foods)

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