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Can you name the actors by the other actors who have played their family members in different movies?

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Movie familyActor
Eric Bana (father), Rachel Weisz (mother), Keira Knightley (sister)
Billy Crystal (father), Tobey Maguire (brother), Mary McDonnell (mother)
Gerard Butler (father), Toni Collette (mother), Hayden Panetierre (sister)
Nicolas Cage (father), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (brother), Michelle Pfeiffer (mother)
Jonathan Pryce (father), Charlotte Rampling (mother), Jena Malone (sister)
Dennis Quaid (father), Kristin Scott Thomas (mother), Natalie Portman (sister)
Jeff Daniels (father), Melissa Leo (mother), Campbell Scott (uncle),
Mia Wasiskowska (daughter), Eddie Redmayne (son); Tara Reid (stepmother - at a stretch!)
Dustin Hoffman (father), Anjelica Huston (mother), Vince Vaughn (brother)
Laura Linney (sister), Adrien Brody (brother), Josh Hutcherson (son)
Movie familyActor
Julie Christie (mother) Emma Thompson (sister), Jude Law (brother)
Jodie Foster (mother), Dylan McDermott (father), Charlize Theron (stepmother)
Kim Basinger (mother), John Hawkes (uncle), James McAvoy (adopted brother)
Cameron Diaz (sister), Nicholas Hoult (son), Haley Joel Osment (son)
Allison Janney (mother), Stanley Tucci (father), Abigail Breslin (sister)
Anthony Hopkins (father), Luke Wilson (brother), Anne Bancroft (aunt)
Holly Hunter (mother), Mickey Rourke (father), Keri Russell (sister)
Frances McDormand (mother), Linus Roache (father), Mark Wahlberg (brother)
Clive Owen (son), Rupert Everett (son), Felicity Jones (daughter)
Meryl Streep (mother), Christopher Walken (father) Johnny Depp (brother)

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