Once or Twice

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Can you name the Phrases containing the words 'Once' or 'Twice'?

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1968 Sergio Leone New York gangster movie-( his last film) starring Robert De Nero
Christmas carol about Jesus' birth
1967 Bond Movie
Literal meaning of 'Biscuit'
An idiom which means that a person who has had a bad experience one time will be more cautious the next time.
1994 New Zealand movie about a Maori family
Distant cousins can be this.
1968 Sergio Leone cowboy movie
Famous quote from Shakespeare's Henry V, Act III,
Musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or a Placebo album
Very Rarely
1980 Talking Heads Single
Hit song by The Carpenters 'Yesterday ...'
Arthurian fantasy novel written by T. H. White

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