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Forced Order
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South-Eastern US state (Nickname-The Palmetto State)
North-Eastern Australian State
Eastern US State(Nickname-Old Dominion)
Canadian Province
Capital of South Australia
South-Eastern US state (Nickname-Tar Heel State)
Second largest city in Missouri
Island state in Oceania (Named after a wise king)
Largest city in Kentucky
Southern US State on the Gulf of Mexico
Eastern US State (Nickname-Little America)
Capital of Saint Helena
North-Eastern State capital
Capital of Guyana
Africa's largest lake
Canadian Island Province
Capital of Mauritius
South-Eastern US State bordered by Florida
Capital of Seychelles
US Eastern state capital
Capital of Saskatchewan
Capital of Haiti
Southeast Asia country
Eastern US State (Nickname-Mountain State)
South-Eastern Australian State
Arab Kingdom state on the Arabian peninsular

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