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Can you name the NHL team by description of logo?

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Forced Order
Green _ _ _ _ with gold trimming
The national symbol with the team name inside
A roman statesman
A native american head
An animal playing hockey
A circle with the team name and a drop of liquid
A bird inside a tornado holding a stick
City name above a picture of a natural disaster
A killer whale
A music note
Team name written diagonally down
A wheel that can fly
An animal biting a stick
An orange-red C on fire
A forest scene and a cat
A crown with two sticks
Initials of the state with a tail and horns
The teams first letter trimmed in gold and black
A storm seen from above
A letter representing a mountain with a puck sliding down it
First letter of the city moving quickly to the right
the city written in small letters above the mascot wirtten in larger letters
An animal howling
The teams first letter and an H
The reigon of the city is on the logo
The team name with a stick replacing a letter
A star surrounded by red and white stripes
A yellow buffalo facing to the right
A cat jumping out at you
A cat with large teeth

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