MLB logos by description of logo

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Can you name the MLB logos by description of logo?

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Stars encircle a baseball at the bottom
A city skyline
A baseball going over a mountain
A letter with a snake pattern on it
A head with a feather
A baseball going up
A T with a baseball background
A bird standing on a bat
Big C and a three letter word
A crown on top
A bat with a hat
A baseball field and a bright light
Home plate shape with the ocean inside
An article of clothing on a baseball background
Just the team name written across a baseball in orange and black
A bird peering from behind a letter
A star moving to the right
A bell inside the shape of the field
Big C smaller letters (one word)
An animal walking through a letter
A brid on a field
A three letter word spelled vertically down
Crossed bats and an earing
A letter with a halo
An old Tomahawk under the writing
Only the team name on a baseball in red
Two stems of wheat under a baseball
The letter then 's
A compass over a baseball
A fish jumping through the logo

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