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ClueCharacterLetter and Game
A young recruit from the small Grado village Silva. A (FE8)
The reckless fighter of the Greil Mercenaries. The middle brother of the three brothers in the group. B (FE9/10)
Former vassal of House Virion. She has a deep bond with her wyvern Minerva and is the scariest person in the army to anger.C (FE13)
Dark God of Valentia and Final Boss of Fire Emblem Gaiden. D (FE2)
The Exalt/Queen of Ylisse and older sister of Chrom and Lissa. A peace-loving and kind ruler who is the most resilient person in the army.E (FE13)
A knight of Leonster, the only character to be playable in both generations of Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War. F (FE4/5)
The princess of Bern who seeks help from Roy to stop her older brother the King of Bern. G (FE6)
One of the main characters of Fire Emblem Blazing Sword. The only lord ever to use an axe as main weapon. H (FE7)
The flirty and outgoing son of Olivia from the future. Wishes to become a dancer and has a tendency to cry and become depressed. I (FE13)
The first thief ever. Abandoned his thieving ways to rescue the cleric Lena. J (FE1/3/11/12)
Was first known as the Sword Demon but later he became more known as the Sword Saint. K (FE6/7)
The Prince of Silesse who ran away and disguises himself as a bard. Later becomes the King of Silesse and also Seliph's tactician. L (FE4)
Once a high ranking Zofian general. Raised Alm and Celica. M (FE2)
ClueCharacterLetter and Game
A cleric of Grado banned as a traitor. She seeks help from Eirika and tells her about Grado's plans to destroy the Sacred Stones. N (FE8)
A mercenary of Talys and Princess Shiida's bodyguard. O (FE1/3/11/12)
Count Reglay and Mage General of Etruria. Louise's husband and Klein and Clarine's father. P (FE7)
Prince of Leonster who unfortunately suffers a sad end in the Yied Desert. Brother in law to one of the main characters in FE4 and father of the main character in FE5.Q (FE4)
A rude shaman who is the twin brother of Lugh.R (FE6)
A very young sister, she's the only one in the game that can use the Kia Staff. Manfroy's granddaughter. S (FE5)
The princess of Frelia, she is cheery and sociable much unlike her older brother Innes. T (FE8)
Known as the 'ears' and the left arm of the Hawk King Tibarn. U (FE9/10)
An assassin known as the Fireman. Demands gold for every job he takes on, but nobody knows why he needs so much money. V (FE9/10)
A bishop of Khadein and Merric and Ellerean's teacher.W (FE1/3/11/12)
A former general of Leonster. He sides with Freege after Leonster's fall to save people of Leonster. Very hard to recruit. X (FE5)
The young prince of Grust, much quiter than his twin sister. He's protected by Lorenz and Ogma in the beginning of the game from Emperor Hardin's men.Y (FE3/12)
More known as the Black Knight. Also the greatest general in Begnion's army.Z (FE9/10)

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