Ballon d'Or: Clubs with a nominated player

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Can you name the football clubs to have a player nominated for the Ballon d'Or?

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Czech Republic1st: Masopust
England1st: Charlton
England1st: Matthews
England1st: Owen
France1st: Papin
Germany1st: Beckenbauer
Germany1st: Keegan
Germany1st: Sammer
Germany1st: Simonsen
Hungary1st: Albert
Italy1st: Matthäus
Italy1st: Platini
Italy1st: Van Basten
Netherlands1st: Cruyff
Portugal1st: Eusebio
Russia1st: Yashin
Spain1st: Di Stéfano
Spain1st: Messi
Ukraine1st: Blokhin
Belgium2nd: Rensenbrink
England2nd: Henry
England2nd: Lampard
England2nd: Moore
England2nd: Wright
France2nd: Giresse
Germany2nd: Rahn
Italy2nd: Elkjaer
Serbia2nd: Savićević
Spain2nd: Futre
Denmark3rd: Simonsen
England3rd: Greaves
England3rd; Haynes
England3rd: Shearer
France3rd: Fontaine
France3rd: Platini
France3rd: Platini
Italy3rd: Riva
Poland3rd: Deyna
Scotland3rd: Johnstone
Belgium4th: Van Moer
France4th: Amoros
Italy4th: Batistuta
Italy4th: Boksic
Italy4th: Brolin
Italy4th: Hässler
Netherlands4th: Kindvall
Scotland4th: Strachan
Sweden4th: Simonsson
Belgium5th: Ceulemans
England5th: Bremner
England5th: Shilton
Germany5th: Overath
Italy5th: Rossi
Italy5th: Zagorakis
Netherlands5th: Koeman
France6th: Scifo
Germany6th: Fischer
Germany6th: Hellstrom
Hungary6th: Bene
Italy6th: Ocwirk
Italy6th: Rossi
Italy6th: Schnellinger
Poland6th: Lato
Russia6th: Arshavin
Russia6th: Dasayev
Slovakia6th: Ondrus
Bulgaria7th: Kolev
England7th: Ball
England7th: Banks
England7th: Francis
France7th: Cisowski
Georgia7th: Shengelia
Germany7th: Klose
Hungary7th: Farkas
Poland7th: Lubanski
Russia7th: Streltsov
Sweden7th: Ravelli
Ukraine7th: Protasov
Bulgaria8th: Asparukhov
China8th: Drogba
Germany8th: Müller
Germany8th: Szymaniak
Portugal8th: Kostadinov
Romania8th: Ducadam
Russia8th: Eto'o
Serbia8th: Galic
Spain8th: Mendieta
England9th: Wark
Germany9th: Baştürk
Germany9h: Szymaniak
Romania9th: Georgescu
Poland9th: Boniek
Austria10th: Hanappi
Belgium10th: Preud’homme
Brazil10th: Neymar
France10th: Ibrahimović
Germany10th: Sparwasser
Hungary10th: Grosics
Belgium11th: Vandenbergh
England11th: McDonald
France11th: Bossis
Germany11th: Pezzey
Italy11th: Scifo
Spain11th: Arconada
Spain11th: Kanoute
Turkey11th: Colak
Belgium12th: Gerets
Bulgaria12th: Bonev
England12th: Touré
France12th: Juninho
England13th: Baxter
Italy14th: Gustavsson
England13th: McGrath
Germany13th: Džeko
Greece13th: Domazos
Italy13th: Larsen
Netherlands13th: Kist
Poland13th: Tomaszewski
Sweden13th: Bild
Argentina14th: Riquelme
England14th: Banks
Greece14th: Zahovič
Portugal14th: Jordão
Serbia14th: Boskov
Spain14th: Riquelme
Bosnia15th: Sušić
Czech Republic15th: Kvasniak
Germany15th: Croy
Italy15th: Schachner
Slovakia15th: Adamec
Slovakia15th: Pollak
Spain15th: Valerón
Italy16th: Krol
France17th: Katalinski
Hungary17th: Sandor
Italy17th: Szymaniak
Russia17th: Ponedelnik
Slovakia17th: Bubernik
Scotland18th: Greig
Austria19th: Nemec
Croatia19th: Oblak
Denmark19th: Madsen
France19th: Guillou
Germany19th: Kreische
Germany19th: Urbanczyk
Sweden19th: Bergmark
Switzerland19th: Türkyilmaz
Germany20th: Cebinac
Germany20th: Overath
Switzerland20th: Kocsis
Austria21st: Konrad
England21st: Shilton
France21st: Diop
Germany21st: Kaiser
Germany21st: Wendt
Switzerland21st: Hermann
Czech Republic22nd; Panenka
Italy22nd: Hamrin
Romania22nd: Lung
Russia22nd: Shesternev
Spain22nd: Maceda
Greece23rd: Hatzipanagis
Austria23rd; Hof
England23rd: Jones
Bosnia24th: Osim
France24th: Andersson
Germany24th: Kreische
Bulgaria25th: Kotkov
England25th: Allchurch
Italy25th: Baggio
Switzerland25th: Kuhn
Greece26th: Manolas
Turkey26th: Cemal
Brazil27th: Ceni
England27th: Givens
France27th: Džajić
Portugal27th: Alves
France28th: Bernard
France28th: Eschmann
Netherlands28th: Machlas
Germany29th: Thom
Italy29th: Bierhoff
Qatar29th: Mahmoud
Spain29th: Jarni
Albania30th: Kushta
USA31st: Beckham
England32nd: Shearer
Norway33rd: Skammelsrud
Austria35th: Köller
Romania35th: Macri
Switzerland35th: Antenen

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