US Submarines Lost at Sea

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Can you name the United States submarines lost at sea?

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Date LostShip NameHull Number (Class)
25 Mar 1915SS-23 (F)
16 Dec 1917SS-20 (F)
30 Jul 1919SS-27 (G)
12 Mar 1920SS-28 (H)
20 Oct 1923SS-66 (O)
25 Sep 1925SS-162 (S)
23 May 1939SS-192 (Sargo)
20 Jun 1941SS-70 (O)
24 Jan 1942SS-131 (S)
11 Feb 1942SS-174 (Porpoise)
3 Mar 1942SS-176 (Porpoise)
31 Jul 1942SS-216 (Gato)
10 Jan 1943APS-1
14 Feb 1943SS-219 (Gato)
Feb/Mar 1943SS-207 (Tambor)
15 Mar 1943SS-201 (Tambor)
3 Apr 1943SS-177 (Porpoise)
22 Apr 1943SS-210 (Tambor)
Jun 1943SS-275 (Gato)
12 Jun 1943SS-89 (R)
Aug/Sep 1943SS-181 (Porpoise)
9 Sep 1943SS-209 (Tambor)
28 Sep 1943SS-290 (Balao)
7 Oct 1943SS-155 (S)
Oct 1943SS-248 (Gato)
11 Oct 1943SS-238 (Gato)
16 Nov 1943SS-226 (Gato)
Nov 1943SS-289 (Balao)
19 Nov 1943SS-191 (Sargo)
Date LostShip NameHull Number (Class)
Jan 1944SS-278 (Gato)
27 Feb 1944SS-208 (Tambor)
29 Feb 1944SS-202 (Tambor)
26 Mar 1944SS-284 (Gato)
18 Apr 1944SS-211 (Tambor)
1 Jun 1944SS-233 (Gato)
4 Jun 1944SS-133 (S)
14 Jun 1944SS-361 (Gato)
26 Jul 1944SS-273 (Gato)
13 Aug 1944SS-250 (Gato)
24 Aug 1944SS-257 (Gato)
3 Oct 1944SS-197 (Sargo)
17 Oct 1944SS-294 (Balao)
24 Oct 1944SS-314 (Balao)
24 Oct 1944SS-306 (Balao)
7 Nov 1944SS-218 (Gato)
8 Nov 1944SS-215 (Gato)
11 Nov 1944SS-277 (Gato)
Jan 1945SS-193 (Sargo)
4 Feb 1945SS-316 (Balao)
20 Mar 1945SS-369 (Gato)
28 Mar 1945SS-237 (Balao)
9 Apr 1945SS-279 (Gato)
3 May 1945SS-371 (Balao)
18 Jun 1945SS-223 (Gato)
6 Aug 1945SS-332 (Balao)
26 Aug 1949SS-345 (Balao)
10 Apr 1963SSN-593 (Permit*)
27 May 1968SSN-589 (Skipjack)

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