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Suddenly scantily-clad Soviet stars in sexy USA series.
Peter O'Toole stars as scandalous writer visiting the middle east.
Fred Savage narrates the story of his doomed pining for a little robot girl.
Valerie Bertinelli and McKenzie Phillips go to Mississippi to help defend Carl Lee
Blutarsky and the Delta boys fight off Dean Wormer's Madame Tussaud phase.
Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis play a Zynga facebook game and then have sex.
Madonna looks frantically for the portrayer of Erica Kane.
Ernest Hemingway and Stephane Mallarme collaborate on a work in which a relative of Mr. Tumnus fights a bull.
Kurt Cobain and Jerry Garcia are working on this duet in heaven.
Don Henley sings about the men who have loved a certain swimmer and reality star.
Susan Lucci and Peter Horton create the genre of horror-soaps in this creepy adaptation.
This Broadway musical would feature a Yeti tilting at windmills.
Would this mashup of books by Richard Llewellyn and Jacqueline Susann beat Citizen Kane?
The governess of Thornfield Hall heads to the Old West and earns a nickname playing poker.
A vulnerable child finds the strength to become the Iron Lady in this instant children's classic.
A Union Army general holds a pitchfork in a classic American painting by this artist.
Kathleen Turner goes to Colombia and unexpectedly falls for the former host of Dateline NBC.
This short but deadly actor might star in a comedic remake of The Godfather.
In this goofy blockbuster, Lord Dark Helmet steals the air out of Randy Daytona's ping pong balls.
Tom Cruise attempts to sing Springsteen while racing a car.

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