Catalan Verbs, Chapters 1-4

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To be, infinitive
I am
you are
he is
we are
vosaltres are
they are
To be called, infinitive
My name is
your name is
his name is
we are called
you are called
they are called
to live, infinitive
i live
you live
he lives
we live
you live
they live
to live, to reside infinitive
I live
you live
grave accent 
he lives
accent grave 
we live
you live
they live
to have, infinitive
I have
you have
he has
we have
you have
they have
to speak, infinitive
i speak
you speak
he speaks
we speak
you speak
they speak
To want, infinitive
I want
you want
he wants
we want
you want
they want
To leave, infinitive
i leave
you leave
he leaves
we leave
you leave
they leave
to lose, infinitive
I lose
you lose
he loses
we lose
you lose
they lose
to do, infinitive
i do
you do
he does
we do
you do
they do
to be able to, infinitive
i can
you can
he can
we can
you can
they can
to know, infinitive
i know
you know
he knows
we know
you know
they know
to be worth, infinitive
i am worth
you are worth
it is worth
we are worth
you are worth
they are worth
to sell, infinitive
I sell
you sell
he sells
we sell
you sell
they sell

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