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HintPersonLittle Facts
Founder of the American Federation of LaborFunny last name
Major influence in women's suffrageWasn't allowed to play with toys as a child
Destroyed saloons with a hatchetPro-Prohibition
Republican PresidentAssassinated for not being a Stalwart
Native American woman who made ties with settlersSang 'Just Around the Riverbend'
Invented first successful airplaneThey were 'right' on!
Participated in overthrowing Hawaiian governmentHis cousin was the Pineapple King
Wrote Declaration of IndependenceThird president of the United States
President in the end World War IIMiddle name 'S'
Credited as finding AmericaThought he was in India
HintPersonLittle Facts
President who started the Trail of TearsHated the National Bank
Invented the typewriterGave jobs to women
Ran for president several timesProsecutor in the Scopes Trial
Refused to give up bus seatWent to jail
First woman to fly solo across the AtlanticWent missing at a later date
Wrote 'A Farewell to Arms'Pete Wentz named his dog after this man
First African-American in Major League BaseballBroke color line
Helped elect John Adams to presidencyKilled by Aaron Burr in a duel
Wrote 'The Raven'Baltimore Ravens are named after his poem
Made the 'Great Compromise'Compromised everything

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