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Type of fetish Charlotte has
Name one of the items Carrie leaves at Big's apartment
Designer whose funeral the girls attended
Store clerk who had a foot fetish
Charlotte's brother Wesley's wife
'Mr.P****'s' real first name
T/F - Samantha had sex with David and David
The 'chick flick' Samantha never saw
The first man to break Samantha's heart
T/F - Miranda meets Steve in the episode 'The Man, The Myth, The Viagra'
The power lesbian complimented Charlotte on what brand of loafers
Held Carrie's hair when she threw up
The shrink Carrie saw
T/F - Carrie punches Big in the arm
Guy Charlotte dated who was uncircumcised
Name of dog who saved Susan Sharon's marriage
T/F - Carrie dated someone with a Chicken Little tattoo
Miranda's decorator who gets married
Who Miranda used to call the 'love of her life'
Type of restaurant where Carrie celebrated her birthday
What Charlotte caught in the Hamptons
What Big does not like Carrie eating in his bed
What Big was eating when Carrie first realizes she loves him
Designer party Carrie goes with the Yankee
Magazine that featured Carrie 'Single & Fabulous?'
The old man Samantha dates
The queen of the ladies who lunch
Helped Carrie remove her diaphragm

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