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T/F - Steve got a scrotum implant
One of the two that tool the longest to accept that Miranda was a mother
Name of Miranda's neighbor who also had a baby
City where Miranda's mother's funeral took place
Does Miranda have a threesome with the couple whose ad she answers
What happened to Miranda when she met Debbie and Steve at the park
Name of Miranda's cat
The two that surprised Miranda by showing up at her mother's funeral
Picked up Miranda after laser eye surgery
Miranda brought this as a gift to Laney's baby shower
The team Robert worked for
Name of Miranda's cleaning lady
What did it say on the cookie Robert gave Miranda
How Miranda ruined Carrie's shoes
Number of weeks Steve slept on Miranda's couch after they broke up
Miranda's favorite sports team
What the saleswoman helped Miranda buy when she was shopping for her mother's funeral
What Robert spotted on Miranda's face when he moved into her building
Who picked Miranda up off the bathroom floor
Miranda's favorite gossip magazine
What did Miranda choke on in Season 2

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