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Who Charlotte kissed at Trey's country home
Who Charlotte called to help her escape from a bad date
What kind of dog is Elizabeth Taylor
T/F - Charlotte did not come to Brady's first birthday party
Designer of Charlotte's second wedding gown
What Charlotte named her private parts in therapy with Trey
Who Charlotte gave her first dog to
What food Harry ordered that frustrated Charlotte
What Bunny offered Charlotte instead of the Park Avenue apartment
Where Charlotte went to college
Saw Charlotte having sex with Harry
What kind of cards was Charlotte given in Atlantic City
What broadway show does Charlotte love
Charlotte's Rabbi's name
Charlotte gave this to Carrie so she could pay for her apartment
The age Charlotte pretended to be while in the Hamptons
Store where Charlotte's 2nd engagement ring is from
What Harry left around the house that bothered Charlotte
Was Trey drunk the first time he couldn't perform with Charlotte
Where Charlotte and Trey went on their honeymoon
Charlotte showed this to an officer at the Sailor's Dance
What the pet clerk told Charlotte about Elizabeth Taylor
What opera did Charlotte and Carrie see together

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