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Name of the magazine party where Carrie ran into Big on a boat
What Carrie though she lost in Paris
Carrie's address
What ballet Carrie and Stanford went to go see
The English name of the song Petrovsky wrote for Carrie
The clothing store Carrie took Berger to
Number of times Carrie has been to the Hamptons on the show
Who Carrie dedicated her book to
Carrie's boss at Vogue
The only sandwich Carrie ate on the train to San Francisco
The designer brand Carrie was going to throw out when she and Aidan were cleaning out her closet
What Carrie calls great sex with someone you don't want to introduce to your friends
The club Carrie went to that required a special key
T/F - Carrie hates Reeses Pieces
Body part Carrie says she doesn't like
Number of times Carrie has been in a hospital on the show
The day Carrie's column is in the newspaper
What Carrie brought Big when he returned from Paris
Who Carrie called 'The Boy Who Cried Love'
Number of times Carrie has be pregnant
The newspaper Carrie writes for
Food Carrie hates so much that she claims she's 'allergic'
Who took Carrie out for a hot dog after her book party
The grade Carrie was in when she lost her virginity

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