SNES Person, Place, and Thing

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Can you name the SNES games given a person*, place, and thing that appear in each one?

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Person, Place, ThingGame
Glimmer, Haunted Hall, TNT Barrel
Leatherhead, Starbase, Pizza
Joch, Gold City, Magic Rope
Larry, Soda Lake, Dragon Coin
Crocomire, Wrecked Ship, Power Bomb
Mr. Shine, Extra Course 1, Parasol
Booster, Monstro Town, Happy Pants
Pepper, Fortuna, Nova Bomb
Person, Place, ThingGame
Jeff, Threed, Cracked Bat
Arvis, Maranda, Dried Meat
Koopa Troopa, Koopa Beach, Feather
Dr. Wright, Freeland, Mario Statue
Blind, Misery Mire, Cane of Byrna
Gaspar, Giant's Claw, Jerky
Pico, Big Blue, Fire Stingray
Smoke, Graveyard, Ice Statue

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