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Can you name the X-men in Alphabetical Order?

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ClueThe X-manLetter beginning with:
Winged rich boy!
Moira's Irish lover
X.S.E Operative
Son of Madelyne Pryor
Boy from Kentucky
Destroyed Chest
The male Mystique
Fastball special
Named after a Greek mythical creature
Disco singer
Hard as Diamond
A lover of Storm
Red eyed Cajun
Another Summers
Cold Dr Pepper for Logan
Bay Watch
Bit of a Gamble
ClueThe X-manLetter beginning with:
South African
Hater of the movie Footloose
Drawn by the 'Uncanny' Joe Madureira
My name is ____, but in the Munich Circus....
Very helpful to sailors
'No. Not for them. For you. For you'
Loves a bit of Summers
Captain Picard was born for this role
The Hand's 'Lady Mandarin'
Nameless Southern Belle
Loves a Metallic Giant
New Warrior's Ripcord
Dislikes confined spaces
Child of Hiroshima
Changed his Name from #34 to this
Madripoor's Patch

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