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LetterWord(s)Hint (# of Letters)
ARank above Captain (7)
BLursa's sister (5)
CGeordi LaForge holds this position in seasons 2-7 (5,8)
DSentient android created by human scientist Dr. Noonien Soong (4)
EName of the featured ship in the series (10)
FPicard is from this country on Earth (6)
GEl-Aurian bartender (6)
HRuling body of the Klingon Empire (4,7)
IBetazoid word that means beloved (6)
JPicard's first name (7)
KWorf is a member of this species (7)
LTOS character who appeared in 'Encounter at Farpoint' (7,5)
M19th century writer who appeared in 'Time's Arrow' (4,5)
LetterWord(s)Hint (# of Letters)
NFamous British scientist who appeared as a hologram in 'Descent' (last name only) (6)
OTransporter Chief Miles (6)
PStarfleet General Order 1 (5,9)
QFerengi who talks with Riker in 'Firstborn'
RQ made Picard play this role (5,4)
SPlayed a hologram of himself in a poker game in 'Descent' (7,7)
TRecurring Romulan Commander (7)
UStarfleet is the military branch of this organization (6,10,2,7)
VRace which made first contact with humanity (7)
WRiker's first name (7)
XA form of electromagnetic radiation (4)*
YTasha's last name (3)
ZCreated the first warp-capable ship in 'Star Trek: First Contact' (6,8)

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