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Marvel-2315Mind swapped X-Man
Marvel-668Fiery Japanese X-Man
Marvel-660Electric Young Mutant
Marvel-403Samurai cyborg assassin
DC-396Mystic blade wielder
Marvel-264Clan Leader/Wolverine enemy
DC-241Scientist made to illuminating hero
Marvel-235Creates psonic shielding
Marvel-218A Ronin; Wolverine Ally
Dynamite E.-214Green Hornet's partner
DC-147Stormwatch sumo wrestler
Marvel-140Mystic member of the Runaways
Marvel-125Former ThunderBOLTs member
Marvel-119User of Brock Jones' Torpedo Armor
Capcom-108Street Fighter protagonist
Marvel-90Toxic; Avenger's Academy hero
DC-51Sun powered Guardian
DC-51Half sister of Aquaman
Marvel-50Wheelchair powering mutant

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