Most Published: Chinese Superheroes

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1. Marvel-1526X-Men mallrat
2. Marvel-550Dr. Strange's assisstant
3. Marvel-456Master of Kung fu
4. DC-442Predecessor of John Stewart
5. Marvel-359Iron Man's arch enemy
6. Marvel-307Walking nuclear aftermath
7. DC-278DC's Absorbing Man
8. Marvel-221Dr. Strange's mentor
9. Marvel-193Next one's brother
10. Marvel-193Magneto impersonator?
11. Marvel-190Chinese-American secret agent
12. DC-141Assassin-for-hire Batman enemy
13. DC-124Bouncer from the Outsiders
14. Marvel-925-in-1 superhero
15. Marvel-69Romanova's successor
16. DC-69Ray Palmer's successor
17. DC-65The Unconquered

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