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Can you name the Bisexual or Homosexual Marvel Characters?

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# of IssuesCharacterHint
918Natalia Romanova
916Founding Alpha Flight member
878Power to create seismic vibrations
862Has ability to possess other beings
667X-factor founder from the Mojoverse
324Shapeshifter; X-Men enemy
299Heather Douglas
294Roxanne Washington
286Son of the Scarlet Witch
280Millie the Model's rival
266Young Avenger who is a skrull
249Western crime fighter
220Osborn's former second in command
218Masterless Samurai and X-Men ally
190Avenger made of electrical plasma
180Wolverine's son
# of IssuesCharacterHint
159Moonknight's longtime pilot
154Reptilian New/Young X-Man
147Power to grow stronger in the darkness
133Superfast member of the Power Pack
130Extraterrestrial member of the Runaways
123Rick Jones' wife
116Piotr Rasputin in Earth-1610
111Nega-Bands wielder and clone
85Electric member of Avengers Academy
78Irene Adler
76Everyone's favorite talking blob
76Head of Horizon Labs
73Founding Great Lakes Avenger
63Britain's Captain America
50Alison Blaire of Earth-1610

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