US Capital Highways

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Can you name the highway that passes through the named capitals?

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Capital CitiesHighway
Oklahoma City, Columbus
Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, Lincoln, Des Moines
Bismarck, St. Paul, Madison
Boise, Cheyenne
Pierre, Bismarck
Denver, Topeka, Indianapolis, Columbus
Madison, Albany, Boston
Salt Lake City, Helena
Jackson, Atlanta, Columbia
Richmond, Trenton, Providence, Boston, Augusta
Columbia, Raleigh, Richmond, Trenton, Providence, Boston
Sacramento, Salem, Olympia
Capital CitiesHighway
Santa Fe, Denver, Cheyenne
Denver, Lincoln, Des Moines, Hartford, Providence
Denver, Springfield, Indianapolis
Phoenix, Baton Rouge, Tallahassee
Austin, Oklahoma City, Des Moines, St. Paul
Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Nashville, Raleigh
Phoenix, Frankfort, Charleston, Richmond
Montgomery, Atlanta
Sacramento, Carson City, Jefferson City, Annapolis
Montgomery, Nashville, Indianapolis
Indianapolis, Lansing
Concord, Montpelier

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