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Can you name the facts from the movie The Dark Crystal (1982)?

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The planet of the Dark Crystal
Number of suns of this world
Cataclysm that occurs when the suns eclipse
Docile, wise race
Cruel, tyrant race
Brilliant, combined form of the two above races
...who became 'sundered and undone' because of the shattering of the ____ ____
...which can only be healed with the ____ ____.
Conniving, whimpering member of the [evil race]
Belligerent ruler of the [evil race]
Peaceful race, nearly extinct from genocide
...who can telepathically share memories by a process called ____.
Heroic boy of said race
Heroic girl of said race
Her dog-like pet
Scholarly, eccentric, detatchable-eyed seeress
Child-like, beady-eyed race
...who are made slaves when the Crystal physically drains their vital fluid called ____.
Quick, long-legged, rideable creatures
Evil, subservient, giant insect/crustacean-like creatures
Small flying beast that can transmit images to the Dark Crystal
Large, swamp-dwelling, grub-like creatures; a delicacy for [evil race]

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