'A Chorus Line' Characters

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'When I was 15 I lied about my age..'
'I didn't steal anything, I just rearranged the furniture'
'Pretty is what it's about'
'I was lucky 'cause I got a scholarship to college'
'Who are we going to hire?'
'I was ugly as sin...'
'I remember noticing boys for the first time'
'Being polite doesn't interest me'
'What I lack in pitch, I sure make up in power'
'I almost drowned!'
'I figured ethnic was in'
'I used to dance with my arms up like this'
'Gee, I'll never get to wear nice clothes'
'I can do that'
'My whole life was a secret'
'I'm from the Bronx'
'Sometimes I'm aggressive'
'I remember when everybody was my size'
'Give me the chance to come through'

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