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Emperor born in Corsica also known for his small height.
Singer of 'La Vie En Rose' and 'Non, je ne regrette rien'.
Famous women burned on 30 May 1431 at the age of 19.
Scientist that discovered the germ theory of disease.
Gave his name to the Tower you can see in Paris.
Basketball player of the San Antonio Spurs and married to a Desperate Housewife.
French Enlightenment writer and philosopher author of 'Zadig' and 'Candide'
DJ known for hits like 'Sexy Bitch' or 'When Love Takes Over' ( Feat. Kelly Rowland )
Principal shareholder of L'Oréal.
Star of 'And God Created Woman'.
Fictionnal Gaulish character who is the main hero of his comic books.
Electronic music duo that performed 'One More Time' or 'Da Funk'
Awarded in 2007 for her role in 'La Vie En Rose' and stars in the movie 'Inception'.
One of the Greatest Soccer player of all time that retired after World Cup 2006.
Author of 'Les Misérables' and 'Les Contemplations'.
Gave his name to a Car Brand which logo is a lion.
King of the Franks from 768 and Emperor of the Romans from 800 to his death.
Author of 'The Misanthrope' and 'The Bourgeois Gentleman'.
The Sun King
Current French President.

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